Sunday, September 9, 2012

RPG Maker RTP Tips

Hey, Tonight I am offering my help with a Problem I recently fixed for myself. You see, I always thought that I couldn't play any RPG Maker Games, besides those made using the RPG Maker VX Ace engine; Because I thought that It was the only one that had support for 64-Bit Operating systems. But, as it turns out while I was chatting with my friends online at StormCross Studios; The old RPG Make RTP  (Run Time Package) Engines will work just fine if you Right-Click the file "Game.exe" and Select the option "Run as Administrator". This helped me out, because now I can play all of the old Games that I love so Much; Like for instance:

Bloodsphere (RPG Maker XP)
Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords (RPG Maker VX)
Aria (RPG Maker VX)

Those, are but just a few examples of the RPG Maker Games that I can Play again.
I am very excited about playing these games again. Well, that basically all that I can think of to say to you all right now.

Rocky Lincourt
CEO, Charcoal Studios

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