Pokémon Charcoal Version (GBA)

The page is for my Signature Hack of Pokémon Fire Red Version, that I call "Pokémon Charcoal Version"
This is my longest progressing Pokémon Hack. It is rather fun to play but, the Game will be stopping at the current version: Pokemon Charcoal Version r9.1-Final (U).gba  (Final GBA Version)
Because I am working converting my Hack into an actual PC Game. (Not very Likely)

Required to Play:
An Computer Running Windows, MacOSX, or Linux.
An Soft-Modded Wii Running System Menu 4.3 (or that has IOS58, and HBC 1.0.8+ installed); with the VBA GX Emulator (Which, is based off of the VBA-M Emulator's code).
An Gameboy Advance Emulator, I highly recommend Visual Boy Advance (VBA)
For Windows and MacOSX or the VBA-M Emulator 1.8.0 for Windows, or Linux.
An Modern Smart Phone; with an GBA Emulator installed.

Optional To Play:
iTunes 11.4+ for Windows or MacOSX (GBA4iOS "File Sharing" Rom Files to iPhone)
i-Fun-Box for Windows or MacOSX (Root Access to iPhone to Add Files to it)

  •  An Android Phone running at least Android OS 1.6+ (2.2+ required for some emulators). 
  • An Windows Phone running at least WP OS 8.0. 
  • An iPhone 3GS or Newer (GBA4iOS 1.6 requires iOS 6.0+) (GBA4iOS 2.0 requires iOS 7.0+)
  • An iPod Touch 4th Gen or Newer (GBA4iOS 1.6 requires iOS 6.0+) (GBA4iOS 2.0 requires iOS 7.0+)

WinRAR 5.40 for Windows, 7-zip 16.04, or IZARC 4.1.8 for Windows to Extract the RAR Archive.
The Unarchiver for MacOSX to Extract the RAR Archive.
And, Just Use "File Roller"  with the unRAR package (or the offical RARLab RAR package for Linux), to Exract the RAR Archive on Linux.
(Default Extractor on most Distros)

Current Visual Boy Advance Emulator Versions:
VBA 1.7.2 for Windows 32
VBA 1.7.1 (SDL/Source Libraries) for Linux
VBA 1.7.4 for MacOSX (In the 1.7.1 Dir)

Note: The Visual Boy Advance Emulator is No Longer Developed, Try the VBA-M fork instead!

Current VBA-M Emulator SVN Builds:
Windows 32 - VBA-M 2.0.0 b2 [Win32-Wx; Recommended for All 32-Bit Windows Systems]
Linux 32/64 - [Ubuntu Linux/Linux Mint PPA]

Current VBA GX Emulator Version:
Wii System Menu 4.3 (or IOS58): VBA GX 2.2.8 (Based on VBA-M 1.8.0 r927)

Emulator Downloads:
Download: Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator (No Longer Developed! Use the VBA-M fork)
Download: VBA-M 1.8.0 GBA Emulator 
Download: VBA-M~Git [Ubuntu/Linux Mint PPA] (Ubuntu 14.04 - 15.10)
Download: VBA-M 1.8.0 GBA Emulator [GetDeb PPA] (Ubuntu 13.04 - 16.04)
Download: VBA GX Emulator (WiiBrew)
Download: VGBA - Gameboy Emulator ($4.99 usd; Android 2.2+)
Download: My Boy! - GBA Emulator ($4.99 usd; Android 2.3+) 
(Rocky's Mobile Emulator of Choice!)
Download: My Boy! - GBA Emulator (Free Version; Android 2.3+)
Download: GBA8 - GBA Emulator ($2.99 usd; Windows Phone 8)
Download: GBA4iOS (iOS 6.0 - 8.0.3; Non-Jailbreak, Download from iDevice) [GBA4iOS is Non-Working in iOS 8.1]
GBA.EMU (Free) for Android 2.3+Based on the VBA-M 1.8.0 svn1079 core; Paid Version available for $4.99 usd)

Note: Jailbroken iPhones (works on iOS 8.1+); Search the Cydia Store, after adding this Repo: http://repo.xarold.com/ to your Cydia Sources.

Online Web-Based Emulators:

Other Downloads - Windows:
Download: IZArc 4 Archiving Utility (Freeware)
Download: 7-zip 16.04 Archiving Utility for Windows (Freeware; Works under Linux via Wine)
Download: WinRAR 5.40 Archiving Utility (40-Day Trial; Works Forever if you ignore it's Nagging)

Other Downloads - Cross-Platform:
Download: Mozilla Firefox Browser - Developer Edition 
(Update Stream: Aurora; Rocky's Favorite Web Browser)
Download: Opera Web Browser - Beta (Update Stream: Developer; Rocky's 2nd Favorite Web Browser)
Download: Google Chrome Browser (Rocky's 3rd Favorite Web Browser)
Download: OpenAL 1.1 3D Audio Driver (Best and Optimal Sound Quality when using the VBA-M Emulator on All Platforms; Windows Installer. (OpenAL is Native on Linux and MacOSX)) 
Download: Adobe Flash Player 26 (Browser Plug-In) (Could be useful for some Web Browser based Emulators; Adobe Flash will be Dead by 2020 tho.)

Other Downloads - Linux (Ubuntu): 
UnRAR non-free Package (This package will let the System's default Archive manager, Extract RAR archives)

Other Downloads -Android:
Download: Emulator Shaders (OpenGL Graphics Add-On; Optional)

Beta Rom Downloads:
Download Rom: Pokemon - Charcoal Version b7 (US).gba (16.0 MB)
Download Rom: Pokémon Charcoal b7-Final.rar (16 MB; 4.75 MB Compressed)

Previous "Stable" Version (Uncompressed, for Mobile Platform Emulators) - 12/30/2014:
Rom Download: Pokémon Charcoal Version r8.2 (U).gba (16.0 MB) 

Current "Stable" Version (Uncompressed, for Mobile Platform Emulators) - 07/06/2017 (Meteor Gym Map now Patched!):
Rom Download: Pokémon Charcoal Version r9.0 - Final (U).gba (16.0 MB) 

Final "Stable" Version (Uncompressed, for Mobile Platform Emulators) - 08/10/2017 (Boobie Woods Exit Gate fixed!)
Rom Download: Pokémon Charcoal Version r9.1 - Final (U).gba (16.0 MB) 

(Google Drive: Just Click Download Button)

YouTube Gameplay Videos:

Pokemon Charcoal - 2nd Gym Demo Completed (Download Now Available!) by Rocky Lincourt:

This Pokémon Hack is Discontinued at and after Beta Version 7, Stable Release 8, and Final Release 9  As Myself and Charcoal Studios are in the works of maybe rebuilding it as a Windows PC game. (Highly Unlikely); I'm planning on making a Hack of Pokémon Sapphire Version, someday.

Ancient Beta Versions:
Download - Pokémon Charcoal Version b6-5 (US).gba (16.0 MB)

Game Notes:

Game Requires Save Cartridge to be set at : "Automatic" with an Flash Size of: "128k" (The exact same settings for Pokemon Fire Red) [If you have problems saving the game in VBA-M or a Mobile Emulator like MyBoy! for Android, try changing the Save type to "EEPROM" only if  "Flash 128k" doesn't work!]

All Normal Pokemon Trade Evolutions now Evolve at Level 45.
All Item-Held Pokemon Trade Evolutions now Evolve at Level 50.
Use a Sol Stone (Sun Stone) on an Eevee to Get an Espeon.
Use a  Luna Stone (Moon Stone) on an Eevee to get a Umbreon.
You can Buy CoalOre Balls (Master Balls) and Kabang Candies (Rare Candies).
The Game is Rated "Mature" (Recommended: 17+), for Adult-themed Language.
The Rival is Female, and to fit with the story Line; it's best to name her "HITOMI"
The Rival is now the Daughter of the Local Expert "DR. HARV"; Her sprite is that of the Female "Cool Trainer". (Swimmer in r8.2)
Dr.Harv uses the "Gentleman Sprite".
The Starters are: Absol, Mewtwo, and Lairon all of them Start at Level 16. (Absol, Hypno, and Onix in r9.0-Final)
All Absol's are now 100% Female.
Your Starter's Held-Item is a Nugget.
Your Rival's Pokemon (No Matter Your Choice) is: Kirlia which starts at Level 18.
All of the Original Starters from Kanto to Hoenn can be caught in Pallet Town, (Min Level 10)
Dr. Harv gives you 16 CoalOre Balls (Master Balls) with your PokeDex.
Team Rocket has been Replaced with Team Magma. (Everything but their Over World Sprites, as they don't exist in Fire Red) [Team Earth in r9.0-Final]
All Team Magma Grunts and Admins are Female.  (I Rocky, am their Leader) [renamed to Team Earth in r9.0-Final]
Some City and Town Maps and Names have been Changed.
The Gyms have been Edited quite a bit. (The Elite Four as well)
Some Gyms have Weather Machines inside; for Example: the First Gym Contains Sandstorms.
There's quite a few new moves as well.
Some Attacks have new Types; for example, Explosion (and Selfdestruct) is now Fire-Type, thus can now hit ghost types.
Some Pokemon have new Move Sets. (for example Pikachu can learn Hang 10 (Surf))
New Wild Pokemon Locations; For Example,  Ghost-Types appear in "Boobie Woods".
You now start the Game with 5000 Pika Dollars and a 12pk. of Lemonade in your PC. (as of r8.2)

Hack's Signature Attack:
DEATH SLASH/ TM05/ DARK/ ACC: 100/ PP: 50/ Effect: 1-Hit KO.

List of Changed HMs:
HM01 Machete (CUT) - Type: Steel
HM03 Hang 10 (SURF) - Type: Water
HM05 Oil Lantern (FLASH) - Type: Fire

HM Locations (as of r9.1-final):
HM01- Hms. Aeon Captian
HM02 - Kanto 16
HM03- Silph Co. President's Office
HM04 -  Oakvale City, Safari Zone Warden (return Gold Teeth)
HM05 - Kanto 4
HM06 - Ember Spa
HM07 - Icefall Cave

Known Bugs:
Minor Text and Scripting Glitches (Just Ignore Them).

Exit Glitch in the Meteor City Gym in r9.0-final, until I patch it in r9.1-final just use an Escape Rope of the field move Dig to exit the Gym. (You can access Diglett's Tunnel  from Kanto 2) [Diglett learns Dig at Lv.17] 
Meteor City Gym map Now Patched, GBA rom uploaded to Google Drive as new Version on 07/06/17@ 12:08pm. You can now also Bypass the Forest via Kanto 2, Boobie Woods still recommended for Level Grinding.

New Items and Prices:
CoalOre Ball/ 50 Pika Each (2,014 pika each as of r8.0)
Kabang Candy/ 10 Pika Each (100 pika each as of r8.0)

Absol's New Move Set:
Metal Claw at Level 17
Blaze Kick at Level 19
Death Slash at Level 21

New Kanto Gym List (as of r9.0 - Final):
Legend: Leader/ Gym/ Type/ Badge (Notes on the Gym)
Flint/ Meteor City/ Rock/ Granite
Ally/ Solange City/ Ice/ Iceberg (Yes, as of X&Y there is a real Iceberg Badge; But, I started hacking this Rom like four years ago)
Brig.Gen. Adam/ Endust City/ Electric/  Current
Bernie/ Froakie City/ Grass/ Garden
John/ Oakvale City/ Poison/ Soul
Ben/ Saffron City/ Ghost or Dark/ Death
Flannery/ Fennith Island/ Fire/ Volcano
Rocky/ Deluxia City/ Ground/ Shovel

New Kanto Elite Four and Champion (as of r8.2):
#1. Azari / Ice-Type Master
#2. Shauna/ Fighting-Type Master
#3. Maria/ Ghost-Type Master
#4. Kyle/ Dragon-Type Master
Kanto Champ: Hitomi/ Psychic-Master and Your Rival.

Brand New in r9.0-final!:
The Bellsprout evolution line will be replaced with my favorite Alola Pokémon!
#069 - Bellsprout is replaced by #761 - Bounsweet
#070 - Weepinbell is replaced by #762 - Steenee
#071 - Victreebel is replaced by #763 - Tsareena

For now they still mostly use the Bellsprout line Move sets and Evolution methods, their Abilities are Oblivious. And the PokéDex entries are slightly modified entries from Pokémon Moon Version.
The Line is 100% Female and Steenee learns Stomp at Lv.19. MEGA KICK is now TROP KICK, a Grass Move. There's also a bunch of Alolan Forms, and a few other Alolan Pokémon!

Brand New in r9.1-final!:
In-Game Trade on Kanto2
Zubat for Rowlet

Nickname: RUFFLED
OT/RUFFLED (Shoutout to my Favorite YouTuber, Ruffled Rowlet)
ID: 41989

Note: Rowlet doesn't Evolve in this Rom Hack!

Panda Security Free Anti-Virus 2016: 100% Virus Free
Online Help Guides:
How to Install the GBA4iOS 2.1 GBA Emulator on Apple iOS 10 (No Jailbreak!)

Online Articles about Pokémon Charcoal:
Pokémon Rom Hacks.com - Pokémon Charcoal
Pokémon Go For All.com - Pokémon Charcoal

Online Emulation (Play Pokémon Charcoal Version in your Browser):
Adobe Flash Player: Play Pokémon Games.net - Pokémon Charcoal Version r8.2

Other Media:

A great old Live Stream of Pokémon Charcoal r8.2 by PokemaniacBR #Makraum 

Official Box Art:
Coming Soon!

This Post Last Updated on: July 06th, 2017


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  2. Is a Pokemon Fire Red Hack or Pokemon Emerald Hack ???

    1. Pokemon Firered, I'm currently finishing up r9.0-final.^^ lol

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    1. I added a Guide on how to install GBA4iOS 2.1 on Apple iOS 10 without Jailbreaking the Phone!
      I personally use the MyBoy! Emulator on Android Lollipop (Android 5.0.1 running on Samsung Galaxy s4)or VBA-M 2.0.0 b2 on Windows or Linux Ubuntu.^^ lol


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