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Rocky's Custom iPhone Ringtone Pack 2015 - Updated

These Ringtones where all made by me using the Program iRinger 4.2 for Windows; as such, I only take credit for Making these M4R format Ringtones as well as Compiling them into an Nice and Neat Ringtone Pack. Compressed as an RAR Archive.  I hope you will Enjoy them; Just Import the Extracted Pack into your iTunes. If they don't auto-import in the "Tones" Section, Right-Click the Album under "Music" and select "Get Info", and Change the Media Type to "Ringtone". Then Just sync the Ringtones with Your iPhone.

Technical Specs:
Total Pack - 20 Ringtones, 10 Minutes, 19.7 MB (Data Approximated)
Each Ringtone - 30 Seconds, M4R format

Rocky's Custom iPhone Ringtone Pack -  2014/2015 Charcoal Studios, Ltd.
Music Converted into M4R Ringtones - Copyright to their Respective Artists. (1980's - 2014)

Credits:  Read the Enclosed RTF file "Credits.rtf".

Free Download:
Download: Rocky's iPhone Ringtone Pack 2015.rar


Important File Extensions - Updated

Hello Everyone,
today I'll be talking about some of a few important File Extensions, this could prove very useful in sorting out what Rom Image Files are for what kind of Emulator . And, also what Files may be important when playing a computer game. So, I shall compile an list of these file types; and what Emulator would be the best to Emulate the Rom Image file.

Legend: Extension - File Type - Owner - Best Program to Use (for Windows, In my Opinion)
*The term "Unknown Data" means that I currently don't know that Info, yet.

.gb - Gameboy Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - Visual Boy Advance Emulator
.gbc - Gameboy Color Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - Visual Boy Advance Emulator
.gba - Gameboy Advance Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - Visual Boy Advance Emulator
.nds - Nintendo DS Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - DeSmuME NDS Emulator
.nes - Nintendo Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - RockNES Emulator
.gcm - Nintendo GameCube Emulator Rom Image file - …

HDMI HD Computer Graphics

I would absolutely love an HDMI PC Monitor for My Desktop PC, It would be great for PC Games/Emulators. And for Streaming HTML5 Netflix using Google Chrome 39. I already have an decent Nvidia Graphics Card that Supports HDMI Output.

HP Support Pages:
HP Support - Connecting a TV or Monitor to your Windows 7 PC using HDMI 

The Cheapest Graphics Card on the Market that

supports HDMI HD Video Output is the, Nvidia

Geforce GT 610. which costs approx. $50 USD at BestBuy.

This is the Model I have: (Great Card; Not Available online)

But, Any "Modern" Nvidia Geforce GT Model should Have an HDMI Output Port. And yes, Your Nvidia GPU's HDMI port is also your PC's HD Audio/Sound Card.

I would personally Recommend using an Nvidia GPU; But, if you are fond of ATI Graphics Cards, Many "Modern" ATI GPUs also support HDMI output.

The G…

Rocky's #1 Favorite Media Player: VLC Media Player

I love VLC media player; it uses the "libdvdcss DVD decryption library" to Playback your encrypted DVD Movies. On Windows and Mac OSX this Library is Installed with VLC Media Player. But on Linux you Must Install it Separately, the easiest way to Do this is by Installing "libdvdread4" from your Distro's Software Center.

Or by typing this Command in the Unix/Linux Terminal:

Then Hit "Enter", You'll be Prompted for your Admin "Super User" Password, It won't show the password; just type it then hit "Enter" again.

VLC Media Player also can Play Every format of media file; and it has been said that if VLC Media Player can't Playback the Media File, Nothing can. VLC Media Player can Even Playback  DVD Video Disc Backups (.iso), as if it was an actual Media File.

Image Gallery:

VLC Media Player 2.2.0-Pre2 "Weatherwax" Ubuntu MATE 14.10:

VLC Media Player 2.1.5 "Rincewind" On Windows 7:

External Sites: