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Important File Extensions

Hello Everyone,
today I'll be talking about some of a few important File Extensions, this could prove very useful in sorting out what Rom Image Files are for what kind of Emulator . And, also what Files may be important when playing a computer game. So, I shall compile an list of these file types; and what Emulator would be the best to Emulate the Rom Image file.

Legend: Extension - File Type - Owner - Best Program to Use (for Windows, In my Opinion)
*The term "Unknown Data" means that I currently don't know that Info, yet.

.gb - Gameboy Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - Visual Boy Advance Emulator
.gbc - Gameboy Color Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - Visual Boy Advance Emulator
.gba - Gameboy Advance Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - Visual Boy Advance Emulator
.nds - Nintendo DS Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - DeSmuME NDS Emulator
.nes - Nintendo Emulator Rom Image file - Nintendo - RockNES Emulator
.gcm - Nintendo GameCube Emulator Rom Image file - …

Rocky and the Mystical Quest 7.0

Well, I managed to add allot of new things and other type of features to the game.
As of version 7.0 of the game. I added allot of custom data to the game; such as Audio and Video. I also
added some new custom images.
Also with this version, as with all versions after version 2.5 of the Game, the Game's version will be
Listed in the End Credits.

I also added an few new maps, fixed up all of the Events a bit, added a few more Events. I added some new Monster data as well.

I credited all of the Music and Video that I used in the Game in the Game's End Credits as Well.

All Initial Party Members (Rocky Lincourt, Roxie Rosario, Sir Andy Lincourt, Ally Daniel), Start the Game at Level 20.
All Secondary Party Members (Moka Akashiya, Motoko Flintwood) Will be added to the Party
at Level 25.

At the  Frostheim Inn, you can swap the Character "Sir Andy Lincourt" with the Gun user "Motoko Flintwood"

At the Cavalier Oasis you may swap the character "Ally Daniel&qu…

New Games

Everyone, I added an Blog Page on this Blog for three of my Game Projects, that is made by this Non-Profit
Company "Charcoal Studios". Now there is the page for my first "RPG Maker VX Ace" Game Project, It's pretty decent for my very first RPG Game. I call it: "Rocky and the Mystical Quest", now that has 2 downloads one that requires the installation of the "RPG Maker VX Ace RTP" and one that doesn't require you to Install the RTP.
The Second page, is just my Signature Pokémon Fire Red Rom Hack, called: "Pokemon Charcoal Version".
That will the last release as I am working on converting it into an PC, using RPG Maker VX Ace.
Now, the third page is just my Pokémon Crystal Version Rom hack. I call it: Pokemon Menthol Version, it's nothing special really, I made the hake only because I was bored.
These all of the current updates.

Rocky Lincourt
CEO, Charcoal Studios


Hello Everyone,
I opened this blog to share my RPG Maker VX Ace projects and Pokémon GBA Rom Hacking projects
with people. All of these projects are done mostly as an hobby, since my company is 100% non-profit I never sell my games. And it's just me working on them in my spare time.
Please look at we have to play.^^ lol