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My New Rock Candy PC Gamepad

Recently, I bought an new USB wired Xbox 360 compatible controller for playing Steam Games on my Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Desktop. I bought an PDP Rock Candy Controller in Red for $20 usd at my Local Walmart. I love the PDP Gaming Accessories, they are basically the best Third Party Gaming and PC Accessory Manufacturer in the Market. And I owned an PDP Afterglow AX.1 Wired USB Xbox 360 Gamepad, which I had zero problems with. And as of Windows Vista, the Device Drivers for the Gamepads (Xbox 360) has been built-in to the Operating System. It's called the: "Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class". You will still have to download and install the drivers if you still run Windows XP (SP2 or Greater) tho. (The driver has built-in support for Xbox One Controllers on Windows 10) And, The Xbox 360 Controllers are not supported on any Windows Operating System older Windows XP. I personally bought this new Rock Candy Gamepad exclusively for playing "Final Fantasy XIV Onli…