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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Guide to the Town of Malva

Animal Crossing : New Leaf Data Sheet

Town Name: Malva   Geographic Region: New Hampshire, United States Current Date in Malva: Monday 3/10 2014 Current Mayor: Mayor Rocky Native Fruit: Pear (12 Trees; 36 Fruit). Non-Native Fruit Available: Lemon (2 Trees; 6 Fruit), Peaches (3 Trees; 9 Fruit ), Lychees (3 Trees; 9 Fruit), Cherries (2 Trees; 6 Fruit), and Bananas (8 Trees; 16 Fruit).   Other Produce: Bamboo (Average 9-18 Bamboo Shoots) Main Street Shops Opened are: T&T Emporium, Nook's Homes, Able Sisters, Kicks, Shampoodle, and Gardening Shop.
Custom Museum Exhibit (2nd Floor; Room 1): Art Forgery Exhibit Other Attractions: Club LOL, Dream Suite, Museum and Gift Shop, Re-Tail, Post Office, Police Station, and Cafe. Current Ordinance in Effect: Beautiful Town - No Garbage and Fewer Weeds.   Town’s Dream Address: 5100-3399-9060 "Un-Official" Town Song: K.K. Metal (Sometimes may Play in my House!) Town Tune: Mononoke Hime from Princess Mononoke Town Flag: Zone-Tan (by Rocky of…