Monday, January 20, 2014

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Guide to the Town of Malva

Animal Crossing : New Leaf Data Sheet

Town Name: Malva  
Geographic Region: New Hampshire, United States
Current Date in Malva: Monday 3/10 2014
Current Mayor: Mayor Rocky
Native Fruit: Pear (12 Trees; 36 Fruit).
Non-Native Fruit Available: Lemon (2 Trees; 6 Fruit), Peaches (3 Trees; 9 Fruit ), Lychees (3 Trees; 9 Fruit), Cherries (2 Trees; 6 Fruit), and Bananas (8 Trees; 16 Fruit).  
Other Produce: Bamboo (Average 9-18 Bamboo Shoots)
Main Street Shops Opened are: T&T Emporium, Nook's Homes, Able Sisters, Kicks, Shampoodle, and Gardening Shop.
Custom Museum Exhibit (2nd Floor; Room 1): Art Forgery Exhibit
Other Attractions: Club LOL, Dream Suite, Museum and Gift Shop, Re-Tail, Post Office, Police Station, and Cafe.
Current Ordinance in Effect: Beautiful Town - No Garbage and Fewer Weeds.  
Town’s Dream Address: 5100-3399-9060
"Un-Official" Town Song: K.K. Metal (Sometimes may Play in my House!)
Town Tune: Mononoke Hime from Princess Mononoke
Town Flag: Zone-Tan (by Rocky of Malva)
Town Flower: Black Rose
Official Town Theme: Zen
"Un-Official" Town Motto: "For Everything In Life, Life Takes VISA!"
Current Most Expensive Cataloged Furniture: White Katana - 44,160 Bells.  
Second Most Expensive Cataloged Furniture: Black Katana - 14,400 Bells.
Current Public Works Project: Town Hall Renovation (Zen)
Current Project Donations Goal: 498,000 Bells. Amount Collected: 13,124 Bells.
Bells Left until Goal is Reached: 484,876 Bells.

Notes and Rules:
I allow my Most Trusted Friends to Catalog Furniture, and Anything else that is on display in my Home that they Like. (Just Ask me)   
If I buy an Item and Hold it for You; I charge a “Handling Fee” of  100 Bells, applied to the Price of the Item! (All Items over 2,000 Bells have no Handling Fee!) [Not Really Enforced]

Town Rules:
No Taking any Fruit from the Trees, unless you ask my Permission First!
No Chopping Down Any Trees and/or Bamboo; Or Digging up any Saplings!  
No Running Through My Flower Bed! (You can Ruin all other Flowers tho)
No Burying Pitfall Traps or Tricky Pitfall Traps!
Please, Feel free to Donate Bells to any of my Town Projects; But, this is Highly Optional!

Town of Malva Cultural Museum:
Fossil Wing: 98% Complete
Insect Wing: 20% Complete
Marine Wing: 50% Complete
Art Wing: 85% Complete

Favorite Artwork:
Beautiful Statue
Venus De Milo

I Own Five of Them. (1 Genuine, and 4 Forgeries)

Current Town News:

Today’s Re-Tail “Extra Bell” Items are: (This is no longer Updated; as they Change Daily)

Times Time Traveled: I Actually Lost Count , must be close to 50 by now.

My Best-Friend Mayor List:  
Lyla of Leyawiin
Cat of Lindblum

My Custom Animal Crossing: New Leaf Patterns :
(Some QR Codes Maybe Available!; Hosted on my QRCrossing Account)

McDonald's Logo 1995 (Actual Official Corporate Logo that was used in 1995!)
Zone-Tan (QR Code Currently not Hosted; Private Pattern for Me Only, it's my Town Flag)
Zone-Tan ZTV News (QR Code Currently not Hosted; Private Pattern for Now, Coming Soon)

Note: all of my QR Codes are Uploaded to my QRCrossing Account, "Blazing_Malva".
(QR Codes that aren't Hosted on this Account can only be Collected by, actually visiting my Town!)

Data Last Updated: Monday, February 24th, 2014

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