Thursday, September 13, 2012

Game Update - 9/13/2012

Hello Everyone, As of yesterday I have my first RPG Maker Game, "Rocky and the Mystical Quest". Hosted at an External Partner Site. I am still the "Master Admin" of the Pikachu's Paradise Forum Board; And, I am friends with the Forum's "Webmaster" Pikachu. But, the game package on the Forum Board is kinda unique, as it comes with all you Need to know about playing the game. Now the game Directory is compressed in the "Roshal ARchive" format (charcoal_studios.rar), I used WinRAR 4.01 (64-bit) to compress the data; using the RAR3 compression algorithm. You need to Have at-least WinRAR 2.9 installed to extract the Data. (if you don't want to spend money on WinRAR, try the latest version of IZArc(RAR extract only)).

 Rocky Lincourt
 CEO, Charcoal Studios

 External Links:
 Pikachu's Paradise Forum
 Get WinRAR
 Get IZArc

 Our Forum may be slow like an graveyard currently; But, it might pick up speed. So, please consider Joining us and Growing the Community.

 Master Admin, Pikachu's Paradise

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