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Legal Status of Video Game Emulation

Emulators are Legal if they don't require an "dumped" BIOS file to run; It's Illegal to Share these BIOS files and those Copyrighted Rom files on the Internet. The BIOS file was Sony's Main Issue with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Emulators throughout History.

 BIOS files wasn't an Issue with Nintendo, as many Emulators didn't need them; so with Nintendo, they were mostly upset about people not using the Official Hardware. Even So, GBA consoles no longer Exist, and Nintendo No Longer sells the Games, if Nintendo doesn't wan't Emulation Then they should Offer all of their Old Games on their Virtual Console. Many People use Emulation, because their Favorite Old Game isn't Offered on the Virtual Console.

I have also seen an few "Legal" PlayStation Emulators, Firstly since PCSX-R (PSX), and PPSSPP (PSP) actually "Simulate" their BIOS files instead of needing Copyrighted files, they are Technically "Legal", as Long…