Failed Project: Pokémon Charcoal Version (NDS)

This is the precursor to my Pokémon game idea for the PC, which will be made using RPG Maker VX Ace.
As it stands, this will count as "Pokémon Charcoal Version 8 (version 8, is the 1st Stable Release, that's right it's no longer a Beta Hack); anyways, this version is an Hack/Mod of Pokémon Black Version for the NDS.

Only the Player's Starter is Modded:
Absol - Scyther - Mew (All Lv. 15)

Rival Pokémon selection:
Snivy - Tepig - Oshawatt (All Lv. 5, unable to change that)

Two Rivals: Cheren & Bianca
Unova Region Professor: Prof. Juniper

Over 92 Technical Machines (TMs), all of which never break after one use (same function as an HM)
About 8 Hidden Machines (HMs).

Buffed up Wild Pokémon and Custom Edited Movesets.
Decent Strong Gym Leaders, and Introductions to "Triple" and "Rotation" Battles.
Day and Night System as well as an all new Season System. (1 in game Season = 1 real world Month)
Unova League can be fought in any order, before the champion. Team Plasma neads to be beaten before you face the Champion the First time through.

Oh, and the graphics are slightly upgraded from; Kanto (3rd Generation) to Unova (5th Generation).
This is an Closed Project, just testing and expanding my knowledge.

Download - DeSmuME Nintendo DS Emulator (Official Site)
Download - Pokémon Charcoal Version 8 (Stable) [Failed Project; Download Removed]

Note: This "Failed" Project is No Longer in Development; The Stable Release Version is Now a Continuation of my Beta 7 Project on the GBA (Pokemon Fire Red). [ Beta 7-Final to Stable r8.0 (Current: r8.2)]; Please Check the GBA Page!

A Mac Running OSX
A PC Running Vista or Newer (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
the DeSmuME emulator Binary for your Operating System
WinRAR or IZARC to Exactract the NDS rom from the Roshal ARchive.
Web Browser (to get Action Replay Codes from:, Hack is compatable with all "American" codes for Pokémon Black Version)

Actual "Working" Sample Action Replay Code (Code Highlighted Red, Description Highlighted Blue):

900 Masterballs in Item in Slot 1 (L+R)  

94000130 fcff0000
02233fac 03840001
d2000000 00000000 

Press L+R To Activate.  
Will replace 1st item!  

To Activate Codes: 
Launch Emulator, Load Rom 
On the Menu Bar: Click Emulation then Highlight Cheats, Click List. 
Click Action Replay. 
Copy and Paste Code and Description where the window tells you to. 
Note: wait until you have atleast 1 Item in the Bag before you activate this action Replay code. (It needs an Item in the first slot to overwrite) 

900 Masterballs should be more than Enough, there is only 649 Pokémon total.^^ lol

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