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Artix Entertainment Game Cards

Well, recent research leads me to believe that the old Artix Entertainment Game Cards; that costed $19.95 usd and were worth 4000 Artix Points, may have been Retired in favor of using an different Game Card service. The old cards which were only available in the United States, Canada, Australia,  and New Zealand. In Stores like: Walmart, BlockBuster, Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), Toys R' Us, GameStop, and CVS Pharmacy.

It seems the Card is still around; but, is disappearing from two stores: GameStop, and CVS Pharmacy; In favor of the the new "Ultimate Game Card", which is now Adventure Quest Worlds's new International Game Card service. As, it is accepted in More Countries. And with 1,000+ different Games, including all of the Artix Entertainment games.

The "Ultimate Game Card" costs $20.00 usd; But, it works with over 1,000 different Online Games, and that includes all of the Artix Entertainment games. That being said, the new card would…