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Rocky's Custom iPhone Ringtone Pack 2015

These Ringtones where all made by me using the Program iRinger 4.2 for Windows; as such, I only take credit for Making these M4R format Ringtones as well as Compiling them into an Nice and Neat Ringtone Pack. Compressed as an RAR Archive.  I hope you will Enjoy them; Just Import the Extracted Pack into your iTunes. If they don't auto-import in the "Tones" Section, Right-Click the Album under "Music" and select "Get Info", and Change the Media Type to "Ringtone". Then Just sync the Ringtones with Your iPhone.

Technical Specs:
Total Pack - 14 Ringtones, 7 Minutes, 19.7 MB
Each Ringtone - 30 Seconds, M4R format

Rocky's Custom iPhone Ringtone Pack -  2014/2015 Charcoal Studios, Ltd.
Music Converted into M4R Ringtones - Copyright to their Respective Artists. (1980's - 2014)

Credits:  Read the Enclosed RTF file "Credits.rtf".

Free Download:
Download: Rocky's iPhone Ringtone Pack 2015.rar

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Wakfu Animated Series Coming to Netflix!

Wakfu Animated Series (English Dub); Coming to Netflix Streaming on September 14th, 2014! in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Netherlands and Nordics. It should be great for International Business and Gain more Followers, Fans and Wakfu MMORPG Players. Around the Globe. I personally know that I myself Plan on Watching this Anime; I got a big interest in the TV Show, while I was Playing the Game. So, only 3 more Days to Wait until it Comes to Netflix!
The Animated Series itself was actually Animated using Adobe Flash Technology; and looks rather Great.

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