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Video Game Emulation - Updated

I love to Emulate old Retro Video Game Consoles on my PC.
A great Guide to Awesome Emulators; tho, Google the Emulator's Official site as their Download maybe of an Outdated Version:

Known Current Emulator Versions (for Windows; That I Personally Use):
Legend: Console/ Emulator/ Current Version

PSP/ PPSSPP (x86)/
Download: PPSSPP
PS2/ PCSX2/ 1.2.1 r5875
Download: PCSX2
PSX/ pSX/ 1.13 -final
Download: pSX Emulator
N64/ Project64/
Download: Project64
SNES/Snes9x (x64)/ 1.53
Download: Snes9x
NES/ RockNES/ 5.142 (My Personal Favorite; not listed on the site)
Download: RockNES 5.142
GBA/ VBA-M/ 1.8.0 r1229
Download: VBA-M
NDS/ DeSmuME (x64)/ 0.9.10
Download: DeSmuME
Wii & GCN/ Dolphin (x64)/ 4.0.2
Download: Dolphin
Atari 2600/ Stella/ 4.0
Download: Stella
MS-DOS/ DOSBox/ 0.74 (Doesn't quite work on 64-Bit hosts)
Download: DOSBox

As you see; I have Tried a Emulator for Almost Every Console! (Even a Semi-Working one for a Nintendo 3DS; But, I Tal…