Pokémon Menthol Version (GBC)

This is my Pokemon hack of the Pokemon Crystal Version for Gameboy Color.
It's not that advanced as my other Hack "Pokemon Charcoal", but this would be kinda fun to play
as well. Emulate the rom image in VBA 1.7.2 or your favorite Gameboy Color Emulator.
Not much else to say. this is just something that I hacked in my Spare time.

Download Rom: Pokemon Menthol (U).gbc (2.00 MB)

Required to play:
A PC Running Windows, MacOSX,or Linux.
The VBA-M Emulator for your Computer's Operating System.
A iPod or iPhone Running a iOS Jailbreak like: greenpois0n, with the emulator "gameboy4iPhone" installed on it via Cydia. (iOS Jailbreak of iOS 4.2.1)
Any other Mobile device that has at least a downloadable Gameboy Color Emulator in their Marketplace.
iExplorer for Mac or PC (Needed to access the iOS root, and manually add roms to the device)
An Android Phone or Tablet. (Phone is recommended; Running Android 2.3+)
So far I haven't found a decent Gameboy/Gameboy Color Emulator for the PC. So, my recommendation is to use the Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator; which is currently the best emulator out for all of the Game Boy systems. (Plus VBA has a built-in Gameshark Engine)

Other Links:
Get the Greenpois0n iOS Jailbreak Exploit App (Official Site)
Get MacroPlant's iExplorer 3 Utility (Official Site) Trial Version, Shareware:$34.99 (as of iExplorer 3)
Get MacroPlant's iExplorer 2 - PC Utility (Official Site) Final Freeware Version, Discontinued App.

Download: MyOldBoy! Gameboy Color Emulator ($4.99; Android 2.3+)
Download: MyOldBoy! Gameboy Color Emulator (Free Version; Android 2.3+) 

If you liked this Rom Hack, consider playing it's Spiritual Successor!
Pokémon Version Marlboro No27 (GBC)
A Rom Hack of the French Pokémon Gold Version!

This Page was Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017


  1. Dude are you gonna make more hacks? I like your style

    1. I'm currently working on an Hack of Pokémon Sapphire in my Spare time, I will upload it when finished.

    2. I just Released the Spiritual Successor to Pokémon Menthol Version! Try it Out, Eh?

  2. Replies
    1. I made it in a day, just something originally made privately for a friend, mostly for personal archiving purposes. So, I'm sorry if it felt like an demo.


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