Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GParted: The Gnome Partition Editor - Live CD

I Love the Gnome Partition Editor or GParted; it is a rather useful Program to Reformat an Computer or Laptop Hard Drive before Installing a Brand New Operating System or Re-Installing an Old Operating System, for Instance If you are Running Linux Ubuntu 14.10 on the Computer;But, want to switch back to Windows 7. You will have to use an Live CD version of GParted to Manage your Partitions and Reformat your Hard Disk From Ext4 to NTFS, before you can boot your Windows 7 Install Disk.  It is in the knowledge of OS installation to Use Live CDs, if you don't the Program will "Eat Itself", when you Format the Primary Hard Disk. The Software version is great for Removable media drives though. The Program is also Mostly for Linux Distributions, only the Live CD Edition will work on Windows and Mac OSX.

ISO Download :
Download gparted-live-0.22.0-1-i586.iso

Other Download Links:
Download: ImgBurn for Windows (ISO Image Burning)
Download: Rufus 2.1.649 for Windows (Bootable USB Creation Utility)

External Reference Links:
Wikipedia: GParted
Wikipedia: Ext4
Wikipedia: NTFS
Wikipedia: ImgBurn

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