Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Rocky!

Well Yesterday was my 26th Birthday,

My Family gave me Birthday Money in Cash; I used it to buy an Slightly Better Graphics Card.
An EVGA Nvidia Geforce GT 730 (2GB Video Memory), I was originally going to buy an EVGA Nvidia Geforce GT 740 (4GB Video Memory); until I saw that it Requires an Minimum of a 400 Watt Power Supply. Most HP Desktops that are Store Bought are Probably only an 300 Watt Power Supply at most! Well, at least I can Optimize TESV: Skyrim, with my Geforce Experience Client.
So, I went with the GT 730 instead of the GT 740.  Someday I'll update to an EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 GPU.

I'm Actually going to my local Walmart after College Tonight to Pay for my order in Cash. An EVGA Nvidia Geforce GT 730 and a DVI to VGA Adapter cost me $90.15. But, It'll be good enough for Casual Gaming; I spend most of my time Playing Around on TESV:Skyrim. I may Also get The Sims 3 or GTA V someday. I'm usually Casually Gaming on my Desktop or Watching Netflix on my TV. I rarely ever watch the Television (Cable/Satellite). I find better stuff to Watch on Netflix or an DVD-Video via my Blu-Ray Player.

I have plenty of Things to keep me Busy, though out the Day. And I really have no Complaints, personally I just wanna be able to Optimize TESV:Skyrim. So, I'm Updating from a Nvidia Geforce GT  610 (1GB) to an Nvidia Geforce GT 730 (2GB), which not only is a better GPU chipset but is also double the original Video Memory of 1GB.

External Links;  Hardware Specs:
Old Nvidia GPU:
New Nvidia GPU:

My Dream Nvidia GPU:

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