Sunday, November 23, 2014

HDMI HD Computer Graphics

I would absolutely love an HDMI PC Monitor for My Desktop PC, It would be great for PC Games/Emulators. And for Streaming HTML5 Netflix using Google Chrome 39. I already have an decent Nvidia Graphics Card that Supports HDMI Output.

HP Support Pages:
HP Support - Connecting a TV or Monitor to your Windows 7 PC using HDMI 

The Cheapest Graphics Card on the Market that

supports HDMI HD Video Output is the, Nvidia

Geforce GT 610. which costs approx. $50 USD at BestBuy.

This is the Model I have: (Great Card; Not Available online)

But, Any "Modern" Nvidia Geforce GT Model should Have an HDMI Output Port. And yes, Your Nvidia GPU's HDMI port is also your PC's HD Audio/Sound Card.

I would personally Recommend using an Nvidia GPU; But, if you are fond of ATI Graphics Cards, Many "Modern" ATI GPUs also support HDMI output.

The Graphics Card just Needs an HDMI Output Port for HD Graphics; the HDMI Cord you can buy at any Walmart; tho Big Lots! slls an 6' HDMI for $12 USD. The HDMI will work with any HDMI Enabled HDTV or PC Monitor!

Popular American Electronics and Office Stores:
BestBuy, Walmart, Kmart, Radioshack, Staples, Office Max, Target.
You can also try: Big Lots!

External Reference Pages:
Wikipedia - HDMI

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