Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pokemon X Version: Kalos Region

Pokemon Kalos Region: Based on:France Kalos Dex: Contains some Pokemon from all 6 Regions (437 Entries Total) National Dex; Total Number of Pokemon entries: 718 Entries Total The Kalos Dex is so large that they split it into 3 Sections: Central (150 Entries Total); Coastal (139 Entries Total); and Mountain (148 Entries Total). The total number of TMs increased from 95 to 100. (Double the number of TMs that they had back in 1998) [All TMs are Re-Usable, like in Gen 5] Money: You no longer have an money cap of 999,999 pika dollars. All new "Fairy-Type" Dragon-type Pokemon are Weak to Fairy-Type attacks; and Fairy-Type Pokemon are Immune to Dragon-Type attacks. Fairy-Type Pokemon, are Weak against Poison-Type attacks. Player Customization: Buyable Clothes and Stylible Haircuts, invent your own style. EXP. Share - The most notable change is with the item EXP Share and how the experience is distributed. When you get EXP. Share, you learn that it's now a Key Item and, when turned on, it will give every unfainted Pokémon experience. However, unlike past generations, it's no longer cut by the amount of Pokémon that were in battle. Instead, all Pokémon who were in the battle will automatically get 100% of the experience, but those which weren't in battle will receive 50% of the experience

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