Saturday, September 21, 2013

XSeed Games: Rune Factory 4 [Nintendo 3DS]

I am so excited for the Release of "Rune Factory 4" for the Nintendo 3DS handheld.
Only 10 more Days to Go; As per the Official XSEED Games/ Rune Factory Site; The Official North American Release Date is: "October 1st, 2013". And I have it on Pre-Order at my Local GameStop Store here in Rochester, New Hampshire. I am an Huge Harvest Moon and Rune Factory fan; I love the Rune Factory Series, because I don't have to just  Farm to make money anymore (Like in the Harvest Moon Games); I can just Fight Monsters or Forge Weapons and Armor to Sell for Gold instead. The Rune Factory Games, also have an "Requests/Job" system that you can help the Villagers tho Earn Gold and Items as well. So, Rune Factory 4 will be fun to play; And I highly look forward to playing this Game, as the Newer Generation of the Pokémon Games just Disappoints me So much. Looking at all of the New Features and the Designs of the Newer Pokémon, It is in my Opinion that the "Game Freak" Company Developer of the Pokémon Games; Just stopped trying. It is because of this, that I cancelled my Pre-Order on "Pokémon X Version", and decided to Quit Playing Pokémon; I enjoy playing the Rune Factory and Harvest Moon Games much more anyways.

External Links:
XSEED Games - Rune Factory 4 Official Site
XSEED Games - Rune Factory 4 Facebook Page
Nintendo 3DS Games: Rune Factory 4
GameStop: Rune Factory 4
Walmart: Rune Factory 4
BestBuy: Rune Factory
Kmart: Rune Factory 4
Target: Rune Factory 4
Wikipedia: Rune Factory 4
GameInformer News: Rune Factory 4 Gets Official Release Date

Official Video Game Trailer:
Hosted on YouTube by: XSEED Games

Rune Factory 4 1st US Trailer (E3 Version) 

Official Correct American Release Date:
Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Incorrectly Listed American Release Dates:
Kmart - October 10th, 2013
Bestbuy - October 8th, 2013
Target - October 3rd, 2013

[Note1: I'll try to Embed the Video Player in this post, later]
[Note2: BestBuy's Release Date for "Rune Factory 4" is wrong; the Official date is 10/01/13 not 10/08/13]
[Note3: The List Price of "Rune Factory 4" at all of the Store Websites, listed and hot-linked to above is $39.99 USD]

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